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Mitandao ya Kijamii imeweza kukutanisha watumiaji wengi ulimwenguni. Ikiwemo akaunti za watu binafsi na za biashara. Biashara kwenye mitandao ya kijamii zimekuwa zikiongezeka siku hadi siku, watumiaji pia wa mitandao hii wamekuwa wakiongezeka siku hadi siku. Hivi sasa mitandao ya kijamii inawatumiaji  zaidi ya Billion Moja duniani kote. Hapa Tanzania watumiaji wa mitandao ya kijamii wana kadiriwa kuwa 5.4million, hii ni asilimia 8.9% ya idadi yote ya wananchi wa Tanzania. Kwa idadi hii kubwa ya watumiaji, kunawapa...

The shift from Tourism Physical Workshops to Digital Marketing Promotions The world of tourism industry has seen a significant shift in how tourism around the world is promoted from physical workshops to digital marketing promotions due to Covid 19 Epidemic around the world. Tanzania being one of the leading tourist destinations, with beautiful destinations in Africa, such Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Zanzibar Island, Mikumi National Park and more, has also started experiencing this change. Due to the Corona Virus...

We are all visual animals. Our eyes find it much easier to stimulate an image in our brains than texts. You may recall this from your own experience when you are out grocery shopping: signs that show the product’s photo are catchier than a simple placard with the name of the product written on it. […] Visual Marketing & Its Influence On Your Book’s Social Media Marketing Success Great article on visual marketing again showing us the importance...

Why Social Media Marketing? You might be asking your self, why a lot of people are advertising on social media? and should you really do the same for your business. The answer is that "Yes" this is because their are currently over 4.2 billion social media users around the world, all accessing their social media accounts, reading posts, liking and commenting. This is truly a large number when you compare the population of people (potential customers) in...