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Corporate Video


If you are passionate about what you do – and your company has a great vibe, then nothing communicates that stronger than a corporate video profile.



52% of viewers take action after watching an online profile videos.


Kesley Group

18% of viewers visit a store after watching a local business profile video.



Businesses experience 16-20% increase in phone calls with a profile video.



Pages with a profile video are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of a search.

What is a company profile video?

A great company profile video carries some power behind it. It has the capacity to grow your brand and your consumer base.

First things first, you have to create a company profile to be able to create the video. What is a company profile? It’s basically the character sketch of a brand. Who are they? What is its purpose? What services or products do they have to offer? What are their values? Your company profile is your opportunity to grab your customer’s attention and then keep it. A good company profile has the power to convert potential customers. A good company profile video has the power to convert potential customers and stakeholders in a more effective and efficient way.

A company profile video is a short synopsis about who your brand is as a whole and what it has to offer to the consumer. A profile video can be set up interview style, illustrated, overlayed with music and imagery, or even a fine art documentary-style video. The sky’s the limit as far as creativity goes when creating your company profile video. The important thing is to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds. Being concise is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stiff or stuffy. Be you and allow the true brand identity and voice to shine through.

Why do you need a corporate video profile ?

Video marketing isn’t the way of the future, it is the way of now. If you aren’t utilizing video to market your company, you are missing out on potential customers as well as the growth and brand recognition that comes along with them. InnoveMarketing can help you create a stellar type Video Company Profile, that will not only tell your customers what your company, products and services are, but also engage with your customers.

A good company profile video should address the customer’s needs and wants, as well as offer up your part in the solution for them. A video offers more of a “face-to-face” interaction where they can see an actual person behind the brand. So instead of the brand just being a name, the audience starts to get a feel for who the brand is, what they represent, and why they, the consumer, should support them with their dollars. Videos can create trust. In our social media society, word-of-mouth can magnify quickly. That word-of-mouth can be positive or negative, so building trust is essential.

According to a wyzowl survey, “Where both text and video are available on the same webpage, 69% of users would prefer to watch video to learn about a product or service. A staggering 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.” The report goes on to say that, “74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service subsequently bought it.” You can find many more statistics in favor of video, in their shareability, popularity, and effectiveness.

Corporate Profile Packages

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    • 1 Interview
    • 1 Week Social Media Promotion ( 1 Platform )
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  • 60 Seconds

  • $1599.00

    • 2 Rounds of edits
    • 1 Location
    • 2 Interviews
    • 1 Weeks Social Media Promotion ( 2 Platform)
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  • 90 Seconds

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