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Generating Traffic Through Organic Search Results


Generating Traffic Through Organic Search Results

Organic Search Results: Stay on top of Search Results:

Did you know you could generate traffic to your website through search engines (Organic Traffic) . Search engines are the most affective way to increase your website traffic. Organic traffic is growing and has reached 53% in 2021, with paid providing roughly 15%. More than 75% of B2B traffic is coming from organic and paid search. A micro-study looking at 5,000 Google Search queries shows the following rates based on the first-page position. As people are in a hurry to get the information they’re looking for and don’t want to take the time to scroll, you can see why the first position gets most of the traffic.

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing, everyone’s fighting for the number one search result spot for as many relevant keywords as possible. The reason is obvious because that’s the position that gets the most traffic. But have you ever considered the impact of what being in that first spot has on your business? And what changing from the number one spot to somewhere else on the first page could mean for your bottom line?

In order for your website to be listed on top of search results, your website as to be fully optimized with the right keywords, relevant content and good number of back links. This is a tough job to do alone and it will require all your attention and know how of how to well optimize your website to keep the number one position.

Since search engines like Google keeps on changing their algorithms ( Rules and improvements on search results), you will need a fully dedicated SEO Manager like InnoveMarketing to keep on working on your website, optimizing it and making any required changes so your company website can continue to stay on top of search results or reach that number one position over time. In order to appear on top of search results organically their are few keys things to take care of such as i.e.

  1. Doing a keyword research on most search keywords in your industry, local market
  2. Using relevant keywords in your website
  3. Posting engaging content in your website
  4. Creating call to action i.e. Buy Now, Subscribe, Contact us
  5. Creating relevant rich back links to your website

Their are countless of benefits keeping that position, the number one position on search engine organic results and these are a few i.e.

  1. Be easily spotted: Most searchers on search engines would click on the first organic result to get the information they need.
  2. Get more relevant traffic to your website without spending money on search engine marketing, which can be costly over time.
  3. Increase your company credibility by appearing on top of search results, searchers tend to have more trust on companies appearing on top of search results.

Our team at InnoveMarketing can help you stay and keep on your number one position on search engines, we keep on updating ourselves on latest SEO trends, changes of algorithm to make sure we stay ahead of the competition, helping our customers stay ahead of their competitors online.

A Digital Marketing agency in Tanzania with over 10 years of Experience. Formed by a team of talented and experienced Seo experts, social media, search engine and content marketers.

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