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Ricco Holding is a largest grain trading company in Tanzania. The company supply and exports its branded rice “RiccoRice” to the local market in Tanzania and beyond the boarders.

In year 2017 and 2020, Ricco Holdings approached InnoveMarketing, to help the company promote its products on social media and search engines, to help it reach more clients in Tanzania and across Africa, the campaigns were successful and helped the company triple their profits in the respectful year, and helped the company brand and products be well known throughout the region.

Campaigns Sample: 

  • Created and posted social media marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • Created, posted and optimized search engine marketing campaigns on google




Campaign Results: 

  • The above social media marketing campaign resulted to over 6000 user engagement between April and May. This resulted to increase in online orders, the company received over 500 online orders that month, worth over $2500, the campaign costed not more than $200.
  • The second campaign is a search engine marketing campaign, search result preview of Non GMO Rice (RiccoRice) from Ricco Holdings. The campaign was able to get over 580 clicks, 70% of these total number of clicks resulted to orders and purchase of rice worth more than $50,000. The amount spent on campaign was not over $200 on that month.



Throughout the life of their Google Ad service and still today, we have used these search ads to target the various markets Ricco Holdings wanted to reach at specific times.

Through our PPC ad services and social media marketing, we were able to help Ricco Holdings generate 400 new conversions and increase the pool of qualified clients at very low marketing cost. When you look at the number we see a high return of investment (ROI).