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Social Media Marketing & Weekly Posts

Social Media Marketing & Weekly Posts
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Monalisa Kashata is a leading Peanut Brittle Candy (Kashata in Swahili) Production company, producing delicious peanut brittle candy in Tanzania for the local market.

Monalisa Kashata company approached us and hired our team to handle all their social media campaigns and posts and integrating their social media pages and setting up their Google My Business.

Campaign & Posts Samples:

  • Created and posted weekly engaging posts, 2-3 times a week
  • Created and posted weekly engaging social media marketing campaigns
  • Responded to customers comments, messages, enquiries and making sure the brand image is well protected.

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Campaigns Results: 

  • Above Weekly Post received 267 organic reach and 15 engagements. Reach means, number of people who were able to see the post, and engagement means number of users who took actions such as click on post, like post, comment or even taking purchase action.
  • The weekly campaign saw a total number of 49,000 reach. Campaign user engagement: The campaign received 500 likes ( User engagement ) 200 users online visited the profile to learn more, 88% visited profile after seeing the promotion. The company received 9 calls from the campaign that week, 22% of the 9 calls, called the company, after seeing the promotion.



Monalisa Kashata came to us to improve their social media advertising, and with our help, they were able to see great results. They yielded 478 new purchases and reduced their marketing costs to just $3.65 per purchase, all through effective targeting and ad creation