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Vast knowledge of the Africa Digital Market. We offer social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing services to clients in Tanzania | Kenya | South Africa | Uganda | Rwanda | Asia | Europe and more.

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Innove Marketing being a full service digital marketing company simply means we handle all of your marketing needs in one place packaged into one affordable rate, giving you peace of mind, more time on your hands and the results you’ve been looking for.


InnoveMarketing builds your brand through SEO, social media, PR, informational articles and video content that creates a constant buzz for your business.


We help you position your brand as the most essential in your industry. Through our creative, relevant and engaging posts and campaigns online.


Increasing your campaigns conversion rates, converting your target market into high quality leads.


We help you turn your customers into your loyal brand ambassadors through our digital marketing strategies and initiatives.

Social Media Management

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for example offer a world of targeting options. You can target Facebook users by demographics, interests and behaviors and you can also upload your own list of customers or email subscribers to either retarget them or find new customers that look like them in a lookalike audience. This gives business owners like you the ability to narrow down your targeting methods to solely attract qualified leads. When you fail to waste money on followers and leads that don’t fall into your target audience, you trim the fat on your marketing budget. Our social media management services save brands more time and money while generating results.
Innove Marketing excels in Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and so much more. Since 2014, our firm has managed over 2,000 social media marketing campaigns. Most importantly, our work shows that our company knows how to optimize your social media channels to satisfy your marketing objectives.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Management Company

Your customers are on social media.

There are almost 4 billion people on social media, and that number continues to grow every year. This means that regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. It is important that you keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option. Why not put your brand in front of where they’re already scrolling?
“InnoveMarketing Social Media Management Services, can help you achieve just that and even more”

There are people searching for your company.

Similarly, if your company is offering a beneficial product or service, then there are people searching for it. Make sure you have a presence online to meet them in their search! We mentioned above that our search engine marketing services help you appear first in the search results on search engines like Google. Well, social media platforms like Instagram are starting to have their own SEO processes as well! For example, you can now optimize your Instagram account so that it appears for search terms that are relevant to your business (and we’re not just talking about hashtags or location tags, we’re talking about regular search queries in the search bar!). Additionally, if someone does click to your website from a search query on Google or Instagram or anywhere else, social media can be used to retarget that traffic and get them back to your website again and again until they convert. Overall, our social media management service will help your business to utilize social media effectively and generate new leads and sales.

People are talking about your products & services on social media.

And you need to listen! Your customers are talking on social media and you want to engage, be a part of the conversation and respond. Whether your page is receiving direct comments and messages, or there is a general conversation being had around the products and services you provide, you want to be on top of it. Our social media management services focus on highlighting the positive aspects of what your company has to offer, responding quickly and effectively to any direct messages you receive (both positive or otherwise) and sparking conversation where relevant to better increase your engagement! The more touchpoints you can create with someone online, the more likely you are to foster brand recognition and convert them into a customer later on.

You want to stand out from the competition on social media.

77.6% of small businesses have said that they social media to promote their businesses. Chances are if you are not using social media to effectively reach and convert your target audience, your competition is. The problem is that most business owners and startups do not have time to manage all of their social media channels. Or, if they do, they don’t always know the best strategies to utilize to come out ahead of their competition. You don’t want to just “be on social media” for the sake of being on it. You want to implement a strategy that’s specific to your business! That’s where we come in. Our expert marketing team has the know how to do all the heavy lifting for you and propel you ahead of your competition.

What does a social media management agency do?

InnoveMarketing handles all of your social media marketing needs including content creation and publishing, social media advertising and social media monitoring.

1. Understand Your Business, Target Audience & Competition

While the action of posting social content is straightforward for most, it’s more important to consider what you post. We first like to take a step back and complete an initial audit of your existing online presence, your business as a whole, your competitors and your target audience.
We don’t create content for our clients without first doing our due diligence in research. We learn everything we can about your business, your competitors and your target market.
Even though we are well-versed in executing digital marketing services for industries of all kinds, we still take the time to understand your specific business.

2. Content Creation

After we’ve completed some extensive research and crafted a strategy that’s specific to your business, we’ll then go on to create content for your social media platforms. The amount of content we create depends on the plan you’ve signed up for, but in general we create copy and an image (or video) to accompany that copy for every post.
The call to actions we include in the copy will vary depending on which social media platforms you’re publishing on. For example, Instagram does not allow links in the copy, so we usually refer to the link in the bio. Twitter has a stricter character limit than other platforms, so we adjust your copy there accordingly.

3. Content Calendar Publishing

Earlier we mentioned that posting on social media is straightforward for most, and that’s true! But it can get tricky when you’re rolling out a pre-planned monthly calendar. No small business owner has the time to manually, individually publish a social media post with well-thought-out hashtags across multiple platforms, several times a day.
Doing so would not only deplete you of your time, but it would also leave more room for spelling and grammatical errors. We understand that! That’s why we take publishing off your hands too. We create content calendars for our clients a month in advance, and then we use our publishing and analytics software to schedule out the entire month’s worth of content in one sitting.

4. Social Media Advertising

What many business owners aren’t familiar with is the world of social media advertising. Behind every tweet and post, there is an advertising platform that allows you to put money behind your content. You can either “boost” your existing social media posts, or you can create completely new social media ads to run. Either way, social media advertising essentially allows you to put your content, brand and website in front of more people within your target audience, faster.
Depending on what your business goals and social media goals are, there are several different types of ad campaigns we can suggest. They vary by objective. Whether you need to drive traffic to your website, drive direct sales on your website, drive lead conversions on your website, or simply increase your social media followers and engagement, social media advertising can help you achieve it all.
Our social media ad specialists are experienced and capable of executing any ad campaign you need or that we deem best fit for your business. The reason so many business owners aren’t super familiar with social media advertising is because it can get a little technical in setting it all up. In order to track how many sales and conversions you’re receiving from your social media efforts, you have to set up tracking pixels that connect your social advertising accounts to your website. This is where it helps to have digital marketing experts who do this every day (like us!) come in and take this task off your hands. InnoveMarketing team can make sure your ad campaigns are strategically set up from concept to execution.

Our Social Media Management Cost

Our social media management costs range from $250-$1000 per month on average.

The reason it varies so much is because it depends on how many posts you need a week (or a day!) as well as how many platforms we’re managing.

We fully break down our different social media packages social media management pricing here, but in short, our social media management costs include a one time setup fee, our monthly management fee, an account manager, and a recommended advertising budget.

InnoveMarketing’s mission is to help small businesses grow, so we price our services with our mission in mind.

We don’t gauge our clients or overcharge. We make our services valuable and affordable, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price or vice versa.

  • Good Plan

  • $500

    • Facebook & Instagram
    • 12 Posts Per Month
    • Page Monitoring & Responding
    • Boost Ad Management (Basic)
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  • Better Plan

  • $600

    • Facebook & Instagram
    • 20 Posts Per Month
    • Page Monitoring & Responding
    • Boost Ad Management (Basic)
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  • Best Plan

  • $800

    • Facebook & Instagram
    • 40 Posts Per Month
    • Page Monitoring & Responding
    • Boost Ad Management (Basic)
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Four Reasons To Choose InnoveMarketing

As Your Social Media Marketing Agency

We are seasoned in all Digital Marketing Services not just Social Media Marketing

We understand the needs of small business owners, corporates & multinational companies.

We have great knowledge and understanding of the local market in Tanzania, Africa & Global Regions

Our customers, Our number one priority.

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